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Using Rebar and Mesh in The Garden

From a previous article. Overview from Rebar, it is abundantly clear that rebar or reinforcing steel is primarily used in construction. Playing an immensely important role in keeping a concrete structure from collapsing. In this article, we wanted to take a step away from the ultra-serious and look at using rebar and mesh in the garden.

Firstly, why use rebar and mesh at all?

Rebar or reinforcing steel commands a high tensile strength, which is what it adds to a concrete building. This makes it ideal for both trellis construction and using them as anchors for lightweight structures such as green tunnels.

Galvanised welded mesh is used in many industry sectors such as agriculture for fencing and enclosures. Designed to withstand the elements and the abrasiveness of livestock, this is a remarkable “friend of the garden”. Not only can you use the mesh as fencing but it works well in the construction of trellises alongside the rebar.

Seeing as a garden, particularly a food garden, is a long-term investment you will likely want to use materials that will supply longevity and reliability. Rebar and mesh are an affordable option for the home gardener or homesteader that will last for a number of seasons.

Secondly, what could I do in my garden with rebar and mesh?

Well, this really depends on what kind of space you have and what outcome you are looking for in the garden. Rebar allows for flexibility in a garden project, whether purely decorative or not.

For smaller growing areas rebar and mesh can provide a great option for vertical growing. Ultimately saving you space and allowing you to grow more in one area. This is ideal for people looking to grow some of their own food in their gardens. By creating arches and other elaborate designs you can create extra shade in your garden for growing heat-sensitive plants underneath. For both decorative and practical purposes it is the ultimate show-stopper in the home garden. I find climbing roses, blue butterfly peas, and black-eyed-Susans to be some of my favourite decorative plants. Though the roses and butterfly peas can be used for making tea as well.

It comes down to what you would like to achieve with your garden. Rebar is a flexible material for gardeners as it offers the possibility of straight-edged structures or far more flamboyant structures for plants to cover. Mesh provides a bridge to ensure that the plants grow up high and wide to fill the trellis.

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