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Pile Cages

RSC Piling’s pre-assembled welded cages are manufactured from weldable quality steel according to SAN 920:2005 specification. For cages 450mm diameter and over, additional internal stiffeners / rings are used to provide essential rigidity. Additional bars can be inserted after assembly, if required.


  • Cage Sizes: 260mm – 1 950mm Dia.
  • Main Bars: 12mm – 40mm Dia.
  • Spiral Bars: 6mm – 16mm Dia.
  • Lengths of machines: 16 metres.

15 metre long pile cages can be produced on request. The BARTEC mechanical Splicing System to butt-join the cages to desired length are also available. The Schnell/Gricor GTM machines have been successfully used on major international projects and have met with the approval of many clients stringent quality requirement. The machines produce cylindrical cages with welded spirals at a set or a variable pitch within the length of a cage.

Pile Cages

Technology advance equipment with a set of servomotors, a new monobloc structure and other major innovations, ensure more flexibility, speed and safe operation. The computerised settings allow for variations in the pitch of the spiral without interrupting the working cycle.


SPIREX is a continuous stirrup with vertical arms and variable pitch (Schnell patent) that finally responds to the expectations of the operators and the engineers in the building sector. The continuous stirrup eliminates all the errors that may occur in the jobsite during the assembly of the reinforcement and which are the main cause of structural problems in the reinforced buildings. Every SPIREX represents a complete beam/pillar as developed by the engineer. Unlike the traditional spiral, the vertical arms of the “continuous stirrup SPIREX” truly reflect the position of the traditional stirrup, whose arms are perfectly orthogonal to the main reinforcement, leaving the development of the pitch (variable on demand) onto the divergence of the horizontal stirrups. The reinforcement is more resistant to the shear end bending effect, as established by the calculation of the engineer. With SPIREX it is possible to produce continuous stirrups with vertical arms for the realization of flat and deep beams with two or more arms, of “L” and “T” beams, and also of pillars in the most complex and various shapes. In particular, it is finally possible to easily produce structural elements such as spiral staircases, arches, kerbs, terraces, parapets, etc.. SPIREX also properly solves the problem of positioning the stirrups in the joints between the pillars and beams. No difficulty of binding, no damage caused by the hooks: reinforcing the joints has ever been so easy and fast. The compressed SPIREX is inserted around the joints to be reinforced, and once the upper and lower longitudinal reinforcements are placed, the spiral unfastens and automatically returns to the conformation as developed in the project.

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