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Alternative Uses for Rebar

Reinforcing Steel or as it is commonly known Rebar is a highly industrial material used in construction. Particularly concrete construction projects both for commercial and home projects. Typically used to increase tensile strength in structures like foundations in residential homes, bridges, and highway pavements.

Have a look at a previous article, Overview of Rebar, to get a better idea of what exactly rebar does for construction. For now, let’s dive into a few alternative uses for rebar.


Working with steel to create inspirational art has been an activity for many years. It is such a particular material to use. Rebar itself has such a rugged and strongly industrial presence. In art rebar can give a whole new dynamic to a sculpture as it represents the bones of a building, a truly raw appearance.


I feel there can be a great deal of beauty added to a garden with the use of rebar. Being so durable it is perfect to use in trellis builds for growing food and/or ornamental plants. Rebar is also rather bendable. You can use rebar for beautiful archways and unique shapes throughout your garden. Read more in last month’s article: Using Rebar and Mesh in the Garden.

Furniture & Accessories

Rebar is not necessarily the first thing you would associate with furniture. It is a fascinating material that gives a certain sense of stability and transparency I find calming. From coffee tables to chairs, rebar can be a lovely accent piece to add. In terms of accessories in the home, you have many options. Door knobs, lamps, hat hook, towel hook, and garden gates just to name a few.

No matter what your interests are, rebar can certainly find a way to make it that bit more interesting. Contact us on +27 11 697 0000 or at info@rsh.co.za, we would be happy to help.