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What is Black Mesh?

Black mesh is a commonly used material in concrete construction, particularly in slabs. It is essentially an uncoated welded mesh. Often referred to as reinforcement mesh as it lends itself to making a sturdy, weight-bearing and crack-resistant concrete structure. But what is black mesh all about?

The mesh is made with low carbon steel wire placed into a grid and welded into place at specified intervals. Though the option for customization is definitely there, there are already certain sizes and shapes available under what is called a REF code. As it so widely used in concrete construction there just are some standard sizes used in the industry that have fairly common applications. Let’s dive into those REF codes and some technical information to get a better idea.

What are Mesh REF Codes?

It can be a little overwhelming to see all of these codes and bars with little to work from. Like many things though it is just jargon getting in the way and what you have in front of you is much simpler than expected. REF codes are there to help categorize the standard mesh and show you the weight per one square metre. Let’s take the example of a fairly common REF code of 193, the whole number refers to the weight which comes to 1.93 kilograms. This code tells us that every 1 m2 of mesh weighs 1.93kg.

Alright, we are now familiar with what black mesh is and that it is primarily used in concrete construction, now we can look at some of the more common REF codes and their specifications. In the table below you will find the standard sheet and roll sizes along with the details of each REF code.


Final Thoughts

Granted there is not a great deal to say about black mesh, it still remains an important material in concrete construction and is used in a number of other industries such as agriculture and horticulture. You can also use it in your home building projects as it is affordable for smaller projects. So, no matter if you need it for commercial use or something in your back garden it will do the trick for you. Just keep in mind that the higher the intended load the thicker you will need the wires in the mesh to be.

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