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Top Tips for Concrete Maintenance

Concrete is used in a number of applications. Most notably would be for actually building, used in conjunction with rebar. In some cases, the concrete is used with decorative intent as well. Many homes, particularly on the stoep area, have concrete floors. These are places you welcome in guests or even entertain your guests by a nice braai. So, I would argue that keeping the concrete well maintained is beneficial to ensuring the longevity of the concrete and being presentable to friends and family sharing in your home. Here are our tops tips for concrete maintenance.

Concrete Maintenance for All

The important thing to remember is that most things in our lives actually require a bit of maintenance. Well taken care of concrete floors come to last for years and will look great with the tips for concrete maintenance. Always remember to use ISO certified providers for your steel products in concrete construction.

Prepare for the Environment

If you are going to have a concrete floor outside or perhaps in the laundry room, or even as a kitchen counter top, you need to understand what that environment will be. For outside concrete slabs and floors it can be the harsh rain and sunshine that really chews it up. In the house it could be anywhere that has a lot of water or foot traffic.

Make sure you take the right precautions for preparing the surface for these eventualities. In situations where it could be exposed to excessive rain it would be a great idea to angle the floor or slab slightly for run off. A drain may be of use as well, particularly inside the house.

Make Sure it is Sealed

Use a concrete sealer to finish off the slab or floor. This will help ensure that the concrete is protected from dirt, oil, moisture, and stains. Plus, it will also act as protection against consistent wear. This is an integral part of the concrete process and shouldn’t be skipped. You will also find it to add to the decorative nature of concrete, which is particularly nice for concrete countertops.

Clean Frequently and When Needed

So, this may seem a little strange to say but in order for you to properly maintain your concrete slab or floor it is imperative that you keep it clean. Make sure to clean the surface frequently to get rid of any debris and dust. If you find that oil or some other harsh substance has spilled or stained the concrete, you should endeavour to clean it immediately. Keeping a pressure washer around may be handy if the area is going to be very often.


Another great reason to perform routine maintenance on your concrete floor or slab is the inspection aspect. Take into account the cracks that may have formed. Some minor cracks can be repaired with no real issues to follow. If the crack is more than 2 cm it would be best to call in a professional to see what the cause may be.
When you care for these things that seem so mundane you may find a sense of accomplishment by knowing that you are taking control. Keeping your concrete floors and slabs well maintained will make sure you have them to use and enjoy for years to come. Hopefully, these tips on concrete maintenance gave you a little more insight into concrete and whether it is the material for you.