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Thank you - RSC - ontwerp - Giulia Nigrini

Thank you to The RSC Team for a Great Year!

It has been a difficult year yet again. Many ups and downs forced changes and an increase in obstacles for the individual and companies. RSC has been no different as the challenges that burden the construction industry do so burden much of the steel industry. The positive side of it for us is that we are still in business and continuing forward. So we would like to end the year off by saying thank you to the RSC team for making this year a great year.

A Few Projects from Branches All Over South Africa

There are a few things that show the pride of our work as the pictures taken and hard throughout the year at all the projects where we were involved. For this reason, we would like to share these photos from the front line where all new developments are underway and progressing beautifully.

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

The seasonal break for this time of year is almost here and many are full of joy and sharing cheer. We hope that you all have a wonderful and rest-filled break and go safely into the new year.