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Reinforced Concrete – Barriers | Sleepers | Furniture

Reinforced concrete plays a huge role in the advancement of construction. Most buildings, whether commercial or residential, in urban areas, are built with reinforced concrete or have it incorporated somehow. One cannot deny the value that rebar, and steel, overall have in the world of construction. Rebar provides tensile strength to the concrete structure that ultimately prevents cracking. For more on how rebar plays a pivotal role in concrete construction, view a previous article called Overview of Rebar.

However, it is not only in construction that reinforced concrete is a main player. Railway lines, traffic control, and many other industries make use of the strength and affordability of reinforced concrete. Read on further as we delve into a few main areas where reinforced concrete is used outside of the construction industry.

Reinforced Concrete Barriers

As the name suggests reinforced concrete barriers are barriers used to control traffic, along highways, protect pedestrians, and wall off construction sites. These barriers can be cast into custom shapes and have a variety of uses such as:

Protecting sites that are still under development
Protecting vacant land
Access control
Boundary demarcation
Control flow of traffic and pedestrians
Arena events and festivals

There are a few reasons why concrete barriers are used over other materials. The reinforced concrete barriers are:

Quick erection
A visible deterrent

Though there are other options on the market for barriers reinforced concrete still remains the most effective against potential collisions with vehicles that have lost control or some other event. Though you will find the concrete barriers to be heavier and somewhat mediocre in aesthetics they serve a purpose and are currently some of the best on the market.

Steel Reinforced Sleepers

Steel reinforced sleepers are concrete slabs used in the construction of railway lines or tracks. Since they are not very flexible, they are noisier than wooden sleepers but provide other advantages. They are widely used due to their resistance to elements such as sunshine, rain, and corrosion. On top of these advantages, the reinforced concrete sleepers are resistant to fire which is greatly advantageous in areas that high risk for wildfires.

Reinforced Concrete Furniture

I know you may be thinking about bulky concrete outdoor furniture that has little appeal but reinforced concrete furniture has so much to offer. There is an art to working with steel and concrete. A person with the skill, and even talent, for reinforced concrete pieces, can create beautiful pieces where form fits the function.

Considering the nature of rebar and concrete it is easy to create custom forms to get the exact shape that you desire. Plus, you can choose from many finishes to use on concrete to seal it can protect it from the elements such as UV or rain. There is a range of options for anyone looking to create long-lasting pieces that have a unique presence. Some of the main advantages, particularly outdoors, include:

• Durable
• Functional
• Aesthetically Pleasing
• Versatile
• Relatively Low Cost
• Low Maintenance

On the other side of the coin, you have a material that is tough when dry and can be heavy to move around so it is best to use concrete furniture in a spot where you want to make a long-standing statement.

Invest in Reinforced Concrete with RSC

If you are in the market for reinforcing steel or specifically reinforced concrete products, we would strongly recommend contacting us directly to discuss your needs and work out the best solution for you. Reinforced concrete is an affordable material, and it is also an investment in your project. So, choose the best in the business and contact us today.